Karen Pion, Administrative Assistant


Karen was born in Lancaster, CA & grew up alongside all the NASA families that her dad worked with.  He was an aircraft mechanic and crew chief on the X-15 rocket plane all the way to the space shuttle program at Edwards Air Force Base.  Which is how she met her husband Mark, who was born in Plymouth, MA and was stationed at Edwards as a plumbing specialist.  She and her husband moved to Redding in the 1980's where they designed and built their home from scratch, and started their plumbing business. 

Later, Karen and her dad built an award winning 200 mph aerobatic airplane, that she enjoys flying around the Western U.S., and once made it back to Oshkosh, WI with her older brother, also a pilot, to the biggest air show in the U.S. 

She also enjoys bass fishing, gardening, baking, and helping her husband build and restore sports cars, currently they are showing and driving a 1965 Triumph Spitfire Mk2.